It would be lovely if our thoughts could be poured out like coffee from a Moka pot. Despite our best efforts, we haven’t been able to achieve this. This is why we’ve named our first EP ‘No Never.’

Representing thoughts as a woolen ball in a coffee pot (see the cover of the first EP) is, of course, a metaphor for thoughts that involuntarily stick. However, MAGIC MONDAY’s music is anything but sluggish. Hours of rehearsal were dedicated to fine-tuning the cozy-melancholic vocals, warm trumpet lines and fresh guitar-pop until a distinct band sound emerged. The band named this own developed sound Mondaypop. After the first EP was recorded with drums, the band decided to pursue the musical path in an acoustic trio setting. If you imagine trip-hop without the beats, you stylistically approach the music of MAGIC MONDAY.

We are working hard on new songs. So far you can only hear them live – so be sure to come to one of our concerts.

MAGIC MONDAY are: Sara Di Caro, Roger Raw-G Egli, Anatole Buccella.

Additional Credits for our first EP: Guest is Alon Ben on the drums. The EP “No Never” was recorded by sound engineer Lukus Rutzen, who also contributes to Omni Selassi. Beni Stoll, who already produced in the days of and for Wurzel 5, helped us with the production (Mix und Master).