The debut EP is an experiment in presenting our own jumble of thoughts with music. We hoped that our own thoughts would start flowing like coffee from a mocha pot. For this reason we replaced the coffee in the mocha pot with a ball of wool… So far, we have not succeeded in this experiment. That’s why we call the EP “No Never”.

Trumpet melodies that suddenly repeat themselves in the same way every Monday are the origin of MAGIC MONDAY. But we don’t believe that montays basically are magical. We love the moment in music. This is at best independent of time.

MAGIC MONDAY are: Sara Di Caro, Roger Raw-G Egli, Anatole Buccella. Guest: Alon Ben.

Additional Credits: The EP “No Never” was recorded by sound engineer Lukus Rutzen, who also contributes to Omni Selassi. Beni Stoll, who already produced in the days of and for Wurzel 5, helped us with the production (Mix und Master).

Change of perspective

The question of perspective is important o us. MAGIC MONDAY tries out different ways to make the familiar step back to see things better.

We hope to contribute something to the fact that in the end not everything is always seen in black or white. As we all know, the view from different perspectives allows for many colors.